Professional History

Maggie first opened her studio workshop in North Yorkshire in 1980. Since that time she has worked and exhibited with many respected galleries in the UK and mainland Europe where she is represented in both public and private collections. Her work is also collected in the USA, with some historic pieces held at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern Art, Arkansas, where the work is part of the permanent collection in the company of many internationally acclaimed ceramic artists.

Prior to her German residencies, and alongside showing studio work across the UK, she worked with the Gordon Reece Galleries where she assisted in the display and sale of ancient and ethnic ceramics from non-European cultures. European collaborations opened up following her first solo exhibition in Germany in 1983 at the Keramik Galerie Böwig in Hanover. The launch of Böwig’s new gallery, the Neue Keramik Galerie Böwig in 1985, featuring makers from across Central Europe and the UK, opened up many opportunities in Germany. These led eventually to life-changing guest residencies at the studio of Keramik-Meister Wendelin Stahl at Burg Coraidelstein in the Mosel Valley between 1987 and 1992. Many items made during that time remain in both private and public collections in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, where much-valued creative connections and lasting friendships were formed with artists, makers and galleries across Central Europe.

On returning to the UK and re-opening her home workshop in 1992 those powerful connections informed the next stage of professional development, and her EUROPEAN CERAMICS Gallery was launched in Yorkshire in the Spring of 1993.