RECENT DEVELOPMENT - Sea and Shore Series

This particular series has been a recurring theme in studio practice since childhood and throughout adult life as a designer-maker, now spanning four decades. A new body of work is currently under production based on the experiences, skills and information gathered during those years, with images posted on this page as work develops.

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Nerikomi is a term describing a Japanese technique where layers of different coloured clays are laminated together, then sliced and re-formed, to create very precise two and three dimensional work. Since completing the Arts Council supported Research & Development Project in 2012-13, staining and laminating skills have been incorporated into existing workshop practice, and alongside white porcelain production, now contribute to studio development.

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Returning to full time studio work alongside advisory work and mentoring led eventually to extensive experimentation using stained and laminated porcelain. Items on this page represent the first tentative outcomes from that research, and were the basis from which the body of more formal Nerikomi work finally emerged.


MID CAREER - Continued

This work was created during the period following the return to live and work full time in the UK . Exhibiting and travel continued at home and abroad, despite studio production being temporarily slowed whilst managing and promoting the newly launched European Ceramics Gallery.

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This series was produced during the years spent working between the UK and Central Europe, and in particular during residencies at Burg Coraidelstein with Wendelin Stahl. Reduction firings in the home workshop produced copper blushing on some early forms, whilst the white work was made and fired in Germany, with carving and piercing remaining major features.

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Following graduation in the late seventies and setting up the home-based studio in North Yorkshire, these items were amongst the first work to be shown in professional venues in the UK. This led to an invitation to show in Germany, and the first solo show previewed in Hannover in 1983.

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