Research & Development

Maggie received an Arts Council Rsearch & Development Award in 2010 to enable her research into a Japanese process, Nerikomi, the idea being to develop new skills and a body of work to mark 30 years in private practice as a Member of the Society of Designer-Craftsmen.

The Nerikomi Project took far longer than anticipated because of a spinal problem, development was incredibly slow, with the Project’s launch eventually possible in the spring of 2013.

MAL MAGSON B.A. Hons Lecturer in Fine Art (Retired) wrote:

“To reappraise one’s output to this extent, to launch into unknown territory at a mature stage of one’s career and to open one’s mind to new possibilities is both daring and determined. To succeed in reaching one’s goal is a major achievement. I am certain that this body of work is just a start. Maggie’s creative energy and intent to produce ceramics of the highest calibre will drive her onward. The thoughtful rationale underpinning this work has its roots in the very best traditions of European contemporary ceramics. The precision and sharpness of porcelain juxtaposed with the organic complexity of laminated interventions is exciting and full of potential that will continue to inspire her. This body of work is a testament to a hardworking and fruitful period of development in the life of an outstanding British potter.”

This image shows outcomes from the early weeks of research: See Nerikomi Gallery